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All equipment subject to prior sale. Call 1-800-749-8427 for current availability.

Item Item ID Description Quanity Price
Blocker, Briot, Used BRI/2005U Briot Layout blocker, Side Swing arm design, cleaned and recalibrated to insure accuracy. AIT Adapter, Reconditioned. 115v 1 400.00
Blocker, Essilor, Posicentron ESS/PosiBlocker-U Essilor Layout Blocker, Posicentron, 115V, Used 1 350.00
Blocker, Fomap, Used FOM/VS-80 Santinelli/Fomap Mdl. VS-80 Layout blocker, cleaned and recalibrated to insure accuracy. Reconditioned. 115v 1 250.00
Blocker, New Speede, New AIT/01001 AIT Speede Blocker, 115v, New, Please Specify Block Type Needed. 1 950.00
Blocker, OMI, Align-a-Lens OMI/045U OMI Layout Blocker, 115v, Used 1 300.00
Blocker, Weco CD3, RC W1074-0011-00RC Weco CD-3 Power Pack Layout Blocker, Weco Star Block, Reconditioned. 90 Day Warranty 4 350.00
Chem Units/Heat Treat Units
Item Item ID Description Quantity Price
Chem, AIT, Twin 20, Used AIT/406U AIT Mdl. 406 Twin 20 Chem Unit, Crown and Photo, Used, As is no warranty 1 500.00
Chem, EM, Photo-16 DIM/CHEM-PHOTO/U Edgemaster/Dimelp Chemical Hardening Unit, 20 Lens Capacity, Photo, 16 Hour, 115V, Used. 1 400.00
Chem, Mini 20, 16 hour Photo KIR/105-16U Kirk Mini 20 chemical hardener, Photo 16 hour, 115V, Used 1 400.00
Chem, Mini 30, Used KIR/106U Kirk Mini 30 chemical hardener, 115V 1 500.00
Chem, 50.50, Used OMI/50-50 OMI 50/50 Crown/Photo Chem unit, Used, AS IS 2 500.00
Heat Treat, 3000, Dimelp, used DIM/HT-3000U Dimelp/Edgemaster Heat Treat, Mdl. 3000, w/compressor, used 2 295.00
Heat Treat, AA2, Kirk, used KIR/AA2U. Kirk AA2 Heat Treat, w/compressor, used 1 400.00
Item Item ID Description Quantity Price
Edger, 4/5/LV3R, Fomap, Parts FOM/4/5/LV3R-Parts Santinelli/Fomap Mdl. 4/5/LV3/R auto bevel edger. This is a parts only machine. 4 250.00
Edger, 5000S, Briot BRI/5000SU Briot Scan Form Patternless System. Set up for glass and plastic lenses, Used 1 Call for info
Edger, AIT, Destiny AIT/888RC AIT 888 Destiny edger, reconditioned. Dry cut edger with bevel only cycle. 115V. 1 1995.00
Edger, Briot, Accura,BW RC BRI/100U/BW Briot Accura Patternless System (Black &White), All materials, All in one design with blocking and tracer. 115v, Used, 90 day warranty. 1 8500.00

Edger, Briot, Accura, CL


Briot CL Edger, needs minor repair, call for information, Great Deal!!! 1 2500.00
Edger, Briot, Accura, Used BRI/100U Briot Accura CX Patternless System, All materials, All in one design with blocking and tracer. 115v, Used, 90 day warranty. 1 13,950.00
Edger, Briot, Scan Form 3 BRI/Scanform3 Briot Scan Form 3 Patternless Edging System, w/tracer-blocker, Used, 90 day warranty. 1 Call for info

Tracer/Blocker, Briot, Axcell, Used

BRI/CL Briot Axcell Tracer/Blocker, in working condition, 30 day warranty, Low volume unit, See CL Edger above. 1 3000.00
Edger, Dimension 1 , AIT AIT/111 Ait Demension 1 Bevel Edger, set up to cut glass/plastic, manaul chucking , Rebuilt w/90 day warranty. 115V 1 1500.00
Edger, Edgemaster EM2 EDG/2 Edger, Edgemaster 2 auto bevel edger, Rebuilt-Like New 1 3250.00
Edger, Essilor, 90RC ESS/90 Essilor 90 Patternless System, Plastic and Glass, Edger, Tracer, blocker package, Reconditioned w/90 day warranty. 115V Sold Sold
Edger, Essilor, Gamma, Recond. GER/GAMMA Essilor Gamma Patternless Edging System, with Tracer/Blocker, Fast, Easy and Accurate , Reconditioned with full 90 day warranty, 115V Sold Sold
Edger, Essilor, Kappa, Recond. GER/KAPPA Essilor Kappa Patternless Edging System, with Tracer/Blocker, Fast, Easy and Accurate , Reconditioned with full 90 day warranty, 115V 1 18,500.00
Edger, Essilor, ProfilM., RC ESS/ProfilM/RC Essilor Profil M Pattern edger, Glass and Plastic, Reconditioned, 90 day warranty. 115v Sold Sold
Edger, Mark V , AIT AIT/MKV Ait Mark 5 SuperDynamyte Bevel Edger, set up to cut glass/plastic, manaul or air chucking available, cleaned and calibrated. 115V Sold Sold
Edger, Mark V DLX, AIT AIT/360U Ait Mark 5 Deluxe Bevel Edger, set up to cut glass/plastic, manaul chucking, cleaned and calibrated. 115V Sold Sold
Edger, Nat. Opt, H-3, RC NAT/200RC National Optronics Horizon 3 Patternless Edger Only. . 115v, Used Can locate Call
Edger, Nat. Optronics, H-2RC NAT/100RC National Optronics Horizon 2 dry cut edger. Plastic and poly only. Upgradable toDC motor, requires air compressor and shop vac (not included) 3 month warranty. 2 2750.00
Edger, Patternless, RC SAN/LE7070RC Santinelli LE7070 Patternless Edger, Reconditioned, 90 day warranty. Can locate-Call 9,950.00
Edger, Santi 9000SX, Recond. SAN/9000SXU Santinelli 9000SX Patternless Edger, All materials, Safety Bevel, Grooves, and polishes, Reconditioned with full 90 day warranty, 115v Can locate-Call 12,950.00
Edger, Weco, 2440M Plastic WEC/2440MPPRC Weco 2440 automatic bevel edger, Manual chuck, Plastic and Poly, Reconditioned with a 90 day limited warranty, 115V Available-Call Sold
Edger, Weco, 440M Glas/Plastic WEC/440MGP Weco 440 automatic bevel edger, Manual chuck, Plastic and Glass, reconditioned with a 90 day limited warranty, 115V Can Locate-Call Sold
Edger, Weco, CNC 90, Recondi W1090-0032-83R Weco CNC 90 Patternless edger, set up for Plastic and Poly lenses. Includes the polish option and Memory with 234 shape cap., Recond. 90 day warranty. Parts Available for this system-Call 1 Call for info.
Edger, Weco, Office System Plu W5000-0002-00U/R Weco Office System Plus, Special package includes: Weco W3D patternless edger, 3D+ Form Tracer, Blocker, Deblocker, Coolant system, access. Reconditioned. Parts Available for this system-Call 1 Call for info.
Item Item ID Description Quantity Price
Groover, GOE, Auto, New unit GOE/402N GOE Automatic Lens Groover, Will follow front curve, back curve or automatically center the groove into the lens. most popular groover design in the world, NEW New On Special $495
Groover, Auto, GOE, Used GOE/402U GOE Automatic Lens Groover, Will follow front curve, back curve or automatically center the groove into the lens. most popular groover design in the world, Used

Demo units with full warranty $425.00 when available-Call Today!

395.00 If available
Hand Edgers
Item Item ID Description Quantity Price
Hand Edger, Premium, New GOE/411D New GOE Premium Hand Edger, All material, 35mm, long life, Dual mesh bonded wheel w/HAB groove. 8.5"w x 11"h x 14"d 19lbs. 115V 60hz. 1 year warranty New On Special


Hand Edger, Ceramic, Used COB/R5U Hand edger, Ceramic, used. Complete Unit. Belt driven design. Can Locate 495.00
Hand Edger, Ceramic, Used GOE/407U Hand edger, Ceramic, used. Motor not included. Belt driven design. 2 100.00
Item Item ID Description Quantity Price
Lensmeter, GOE GOE/LM101 GOE Manual Lensmeter . 15D prism comp, Very easy to use! New, compare to Marco 101 in form, function and quality!!!(list $1095.00) 30 day satisfaction guaranty! New Intro Special!


Lensmeter, BL/Reichert, Mdl 70 REI/MDL70 B&L/Reichert Model 70 Vertometer. Heavy duty, designed for high volume lab use. Reconditioned. 115V 25W 21lbs. 1 1,295.00
Lensmeter, Marco 101, RC MAR/101RC Marco 101 Lensmeter, Easy to use lensmeter with built in prism compensator, cleaned and calibrated. Reconditioned-90 day warranty! 115V. Compare to new price. Can Locate 795.00-Call
Item Item ID Description Quantity Price
Arm, AO, Phoropter, used AO/PARM AO Counter Balanced Phoropter Arm, Gray, Used Sold Sold
Arm, Reliance, 3rd Arm, used REI/3RDARM Reliance 3rd Arm, Gray, used Sold Sold
Arm, Woodlyn, 3rd, Used WOD/ARM3 Woodlyn 3rd arm, Used 1 150.00
Booster, Child Seat MAR/Booster Child booster, Used 1 35.00
Chair and Stand Unit, Used USEDEQ Topcon Chair and IS-30 Stand Unit, 2 arm stand, Used- Call for pictures 1 2950.00
Chair and Stand, AO, Used AO/CS1 AO Chair & Stand, Custom 1, 3 Arms, plus OH Lamp, Assorted colors available, Great Retro Look! Great shape! 3 3250.00
Stand, Instrument, AO AO/14207 American Optical Instrument Stand, 2 arms and over head lamp, for use with Custom 1 Chairs, Silver Smoke paint color. Used 2 1250.00
Handle, WA, Well, Used WA/71670/U Welch Allyn Model 71670 Handle. Halogen 3.5Volt, well rechargable, Used Sold Sold
Keratometer, HS, Used USEDEQUIP Haag Streit Ophthalmometer, Javal-Schiotz, Unit mount, (table base available below), Good condition, Used 1 1500.00
Keratometer, Rei, RC REI/12990 RC Reichert Keratometer, Black, RC 4 695.00
Mirror set RPK/1028. Mirror set 12" x 12"/framed in oak or walnut, painted white or grey (Select color choice) NEW 1 189.00
Pachymeter, VMI 300 USEDEQUIP VMI 300 Screening Pachymeter, with angled probe, Used 1 1295.00
Pachymeter, Sonogage SON/300U Sonogage Corneo Gage Plus, with full manual, Great condition, (no printer), Used, 30 day warranty. 1 1500.00
Phoropter, Burton Autocross BUR/7500RC Burton Autocross Phoropter, with lighted dials, (- cyl.), Black, Reconditioned Sold 2895.00
Phoropter, Topcon VTD5 TOP/VTD5 Topcon VT-D5 -Cyl Phoropter, w/aux. cyls. and reading rod and card holder Sold Sold
Phoropter, Topcon, VT-10 TOP/VT10 Topcon VT-10 Phoropter, -cyls. w/reading card and rod NEW 4085.00
Phoropter, Ultra, +Cyl., blk REI/11635B Reichert/A.O. Ultramatic Phoropter, plus cyl, w/reading rod and card holder. Black, New NEW 4150.00
Phoropter, Ultra, -Cyl., New REI/11625 Reichert Ultramatic Phoropter, minus cyl, w/reading rod and card holder. specify Black or Honey Grey), New NEW 4150.00
Phoropter, Ultramatic, +Cyl. REI/11635RC Reichert/A.O. Ultramatic Phoropter, plus cyl, w/reading rod and card holder. Reconditioned, 90 day warranty. Special Pricing! 2 3295.00
Phoropter, Ultramatic, -Cyl. REI/11625RC Reichert/A.O. Ultramatic Phoropter, minus cyl, w/reading rod and card holder. Reconditioned, 90 day warranty. 1 3295.00
Printer, Humphrey, New HUM/30121-120 Printer assm for Humphrey pwr tbl mdl. 120, New 1 195.00
Projector, A.O. 11082, Used AO/11082U Projector, A.O. 11082, Instrument only, Used, Black, Cream, Coral, Jade, ALL Colors! Many 395.00
Projector, Reichert, 12084 REI/12084U Projector, Reichert mdl. 12084 Long Life, Halogen, Head only, 1 495.00
Projector, AO, 1217, Used AO/1217U AO Mdl 1217 Projector, Used, Head only 3 150.00
POC, Burton, Parts BUR/POC/Parts Burton Projector, Parts Only, Missing parts, AS IS 2 25.00
Projector, Auto, RC MAR/CP670RC Marco CP670 Auto Projector, w/remote and wall mount, RC 2 1295.00
Projector, Stand, Floor USEDEQUIP Misc. Floor stands for manual chart projectors, various makes 4 95.00
Projector, Marco, Used MAR/6006U Marco Chart Projector, Black, Used, Head only 2 395.00
Projector, Woodlyn, Parts WOD/POC/Parts Woodlyn Projector, head only, Need work, missing parts, AS IS-PARTS ONLY 4 25.00
Projector, Woodlyn, RC WOD/POC RC Woodlyn Projector, head only, Reconditioned 1 395.00
Projector, Objective Lens Various Makes Single tube and double tube objective lens sets for chart projectors, Used Many 100.00
Radioscope, Marco USED MAR/RAD Marco Radioscope, Radiusguage USED- Like new condition. 1 500.00
Retinoscope, Streak, STE/360U Stereo Optec 360 Streak Retinoscope, complete instrument, no battery 1 85.00
Retinoscope, Welch Allyn WA/18200/U Welch Allyn Model 18200 Streak Retinoscope. Halogen, 3.5 Volt. Head only. Sold Sold
Screen, Chart, used Screen/Used Chart Screen, Misc., Various makes and mount types, Used Many Call
Screen, POC, Metal BUR/5050 Projector Screen, 20" x 20" unframed, new Sold Sold
Slide, Projector, Num,E's REI/11170 Slide, Projector, Numbers, Color recog., Tumbling E's, Never used. 7. 25.00
Slit Lamp, AO, Parts only. AO/11666/Parts A.O. Campbell Slit Lamp, Parts only, need work. AS IS Sold Sold
Slit Lamp, Burton 1000 RC BUR/1000RC Burton Mdl. 1000 Slit Lamp, Reconditioned Sold Sold
Slit Lamp, Burton 800, Parts BUR/800/Parts Burton Mdl. 800 Slit Lamp, Parts only, AS Is 1 100.00
Slit Lamp, B&L, Used BL/Thorpe B&L Thorpe Slit Lamp, Used, 1 150.00
Slit Lamp, Haag, 900BM HS/900BM Haag Streit 900 BM Slit Lamp, Onmi directional joystick, Unit mount. Used in excellant condition! (with tonometer for $6500) Sold SOLD
Swivel Bracket RPK/1029 Swivel Bracket, (optional mount for chart screens RPK/1027x) 1 55.00
Table, Spring, HS Slit lamp USEDEQUIP Haag Streit Spring balanced table base, with casters, for Slit lamp (no top included) 1 350.00
Table, Marco, Manual Screw MAR/Table Marco Instrument Table, screw type adj., w/top, used 1 200.00
Table, Power, New GOE/IT Table, Single Top, w/accessory drawer and locking casters, Power, 115V/60hz. NEW! 2 895.00
Tonometer, Haag Streit, 900R HS/900R-RC Haag Streit Applination Tonometer Mdl. 900R, w/1 prism, w/mount, Reconditioned 1 850.00
Tonometer, Keeler, Pulsair KEE/PA2000 Keeler PulsAir 2000 Hand held Tonometer, Used AS IS 1 500.00
Tonometer, NCT, Topcon TOP/CT80U Topcon CT-80 Automatic Non-Contact Tonometer, Good used condition, 90 day warranty and Satisfaction Guaranted! 2 4500.00
Trial Frame TF-1 GOE/760 Trial Frame TF-1 5 125.00
Trial Frame TF-2 GOE/761 Trial Frame TF-2 1 135.00
Trial Frame, New BUR/100AM Trial frame, Metal, New 1 149.00
Trial Lens Set, Leather Case GOE/750M Trial Lens Set, Leather Case, 266 pcs. Metal rims, Brand New! 4 495.00
Vision Tester, Optec 2000 STE/OPT2000 Optec 2000P Vision Tester, Used, 90 day warranty-New Units available, Call Sold
Vision Tester, Titmus, Used TIT/VT Titmus Vision Tester, Used, Older OV-7 Model, Needs a new home! Sold
Wall Mount, Ball and socket, USEDEQUIP Wall mount for POC, ball and socket type, Black, Used 4 50.00
Wall Mount, Ball and socket, BUR/5010 Wall mount for POC, ball and socket type, Black, New, each 1 110.00
Item Item ID Description Quantity Price
Compressor, Air Coolant, AA-2 KIR/100. Air Coolant compressor pump for Kirk AA-2 and others, Used 2 50.00
Crimper, used BL/Crimper Contact Lens cap crimping tool, Used 1 Sold
Drill, Lens, NEW GOE/413 GOE Lens Drill, Drill all materials from both sides at once, then use built in reamer to size hole from 1mm to 3mm. 5.5" w x 7.25" d x 10.75" H 115v New Special 495.00
Drill Press, Compact, Used GRO/28.615U Grobet Compact Drill press, Used, 90 day warranty. Sold Sold
Drill, Press, Used COB/Drill Coburn Lens Drill Press, USED, Sold Sold
Drop Ball Tester, New EDG/111 Drop ball tester, steel base not included. 1 75.00
Etching Machine ST-EU-00 Semi-Tech Lens Etching Machine, RC, (order template separately) Sold Sold
Frame Warmer, Air, Used BPI/15902U BPI Frame Warmer, Hot air, Like New Sold Sold
Frame Warmer, Bead, Used USEDEQUIP Various Frame Warmers, Bead type, Used Sold Sold
Fuser, Bpi, like new BPI/18300U BPI Lab Fuser, used for edge coating and relaxing waves and stress, Like new, 115V 1 50.00
Gauge, Diopter, Used ST/80084-00 Semi Tech 50mm Diopter Gauge, Used 3 125.00
Gauge, MizerSizer, Used OMI/Mizersizer OMI Mizer Sizer Gauge, used 1 25.00
Gauge, Sag, Used ST/49 Semi-Tech ST49 Sag Gauge, 50mm bell, used 5 100.00
Gauge, SuperSizer, Used OMI/Supersizer OMI Super Sizer Gauge, used 1 50.00
Lap Set, Used USEDEQUIP Full Surfacing Tool/Lap Set, Aluminum, approx 2000 pcs, GOOD condition, Call for more information.

Can locate-Call

Marker, GEO Center, Used ST/61U Semi-Tech Geometric Center Marker, Used 2 25.00
Marker-Blocker, AIT, 501 AIT/501U AIT 501 Marker-Blocker, 115V, Set up for marking, Used, 90 day warranty Sold Sold
Meter, Solar Sens, BPI, Used BPI/119504 BPI Solar Sensitivity Meter, patient uses to select proper tint, Used, 115V Sold 100.00
Oven, Lab, SRC GOE/450U Lab Oven, Various Makes, 115v., Used 2 Call
Pattern Maker, ET, Nov., Used NOV/105U Novamatic Electronic Trackmaster Pattern Maker, very easy to operate, will trace frames, lens or patterns. Used with 90 day warranty Can locate-Call 1,895.00
Pattern Maker, Santin, Used SAN/120XL Santinelli/Fomap Automatic Pattern Maker, Model XL-120, Heavy duty pattern maker, cuts heavy, factory type patterns, very accurate, USED, 115v 3 500.00
Polisher, Hand, Used GRO/MO95B Grobet/Vigor double spindle bench top polishing motor with vaiable speed control. For light polishing tasks. with buffs and polish, Used Sold Sold
Pump, Slurry, Used JAB/Pump Jabsco Slurry Pump, Used 3 50.00
Solder Machine, Vigor, Used GRO/SM850/U Vigor SM850 Solder Machine, Used 2 225.00
Staking Set, Used GRO/44.100U. Staking Set with self-raising arm, used 2 150.00
Tracer, Weco, Form Tracer W1102-0002-00R Weco Form Tracer, Frame tracer for Weco patternless edging systems, Reconditioned 1 Call
Ultrasonic Cleaners GOE/415C Compact ultrasonic cleaner, 1-2 frame cap., powerful, compact, and quiet unit, 30 watts, Timer, 110V, NEW 2 $169
Ultrasonic Cleaner, 2 Quart, U GRO/23.586U Ultrasonic cleaner, 2 quart, cleans 6-7 frames, stainless steel tank, Includes a tank cover. Used Sold Sold
Ultrasonic cleaner, Used LR/T-9U L&R Ultrasonic cleaner, with lid, Mdl. T-9, Used Sold Sold
UV Light Meter, New GOE/460 GOE UV 400 Light Meter, 10.5" L x 5.5" W x 4.5" H, 110v/60Hz., 2 year warranty, each 1 129.00

Please call 800-749-8427 ext. 30 for any item not listed!

Last Update 3/2013